Where to invest in your 20’s?

Young adults are usually between 20 and 30 years old. If you are that old, then you are obliged to start learning about what investment is. The more you study and find out, the more investment that many people talk about is money. However, at that age, you don’t have to invest your money. There are many ways to support before you become an adult to don’t regret it later.

Reporting from the @strategy business tweet on Twitter on March 1, 2021, they quoted advice from Warren Buffet in the form of an image with the caption of a recommendation from a legendary investor to young people. He suggested investing in 5 things. What to do?

Invest in yourself

The point of the first piece of advice is to invest in yourself. How do you take care of your body by exercising, taking care of yourself, and taking care of your health? Because a lot of people in their old age regretted their actions when they were young with unhealthy lifestyles such as consuming excess alcohol, junk food, or free sex.

Invest in knowledge

The second piece of advice has meaning to learn more, whatever it is—starting from learning in homework to repair a leaky roof, repairing water faucets, cooking, even gardening. This very useful because you can solve problems around you without asking professional experts to solve minor issues. There may also be those who previously could not create a web because he wanted to invest himself because he understood that the skills he learned could bring him a livelihood in the future.

Invest in mentors

Learning without a teacher is very difficult; sometimes, what we know looks difficult, or even we can misuse knowledge because we do not have a mentor who functions as a coach. Mentors are beneficial so that the knowledge we learn can be maximally absorbed, and we know better which attitude to take or not.

Invest in Experience

There is a saying that the most valuable lesson is experience. Experience is gain when we do something, but something goes wrong that even makes us feel down. Experience is an effective teacher for every individual who wants to succeed in achieving the desired goal. So, don’t let the experience make you sad and unmotivated. Instead, it will be used as a learning tool to not fall into the same hole.

Yuk cek berapa gaji profesi di seluruh dunia hanya di: Berapagaji.com

Invest in books

Books are valuable items for those who can use them. Starting from a book, a human can change the position of an area to be high, and from books can also find out how a system works until finally, we can conquer a resistance. Books are also a weapon for those who create and experiment to produce something that can change civilization.


These five pieces of advice are very influential for young people who want to improve your life goals, sharpen your analysis, and become an influential person for many people one day. So, will you be the next Warren Buffet?

Business Ideas Indonesia 2022

The Best Businesses to Start in Indonesia

With a large population, work force, and infrastructure, Indonesia can be a fertile ground for new businesses and emerging industries. Indonesia business owners also say that extensive banking and investment capital resources aid in attracting and maintaining funding. Indonesia is good for business, but what business could you start in Indonesia? Here are 11 business ideas for you to consider.

Fitness/recreation business

Exercise has long been found to be the bedrock of healthy living, and almost everyone wants to boast of having visited the gym at least once or twice in a week. With this trend, opening a fitness center would surely pay you, and considering the population of Indonesia, you may likely make a success out of your business if you have the right marketing strategies.


Retailing is not a novel business idea, but it is still thriving as far as the economy is still viable. If you have good marketing skills, you can choose a niche and start your retailing business. You can approach manufacturers and offer them your services. If you build trust with them, you could be given goods on credit for you to pay later.

SEO for local businesses

You can start this business just by building an “SEO Agency” optimized website that generates leads for businesses. As long as people are using their laptops or smartphones to find their next solar company, landscape architect, locksmith, real estate agent, etc., this business will thrive.

Accountant or Bookkeeper

Taxes are a certainty of life as far as the Indonesia is concerned. People and businesses will almost certainly need help with bookkeeping and tax filing. If you have the necessary training and certifications, offering your services as an accountant can be a great idea for you.

Real Estate Agent

Another great idea is to become a real estate agent. You can earn impressive percentages from people who need to buy their own homes, people who need holiday apartments and residents of the city who need to rent good apartments

Wholesale and distribution

Similar to retail, you can start a business where you become wholesale distributor for companies. Note that this business may be a bit capital intensive, but you can also start it on your own capacity and expand it as you go along.

Landscape Architecture

This idea has the potential for extensive growth and innovation. The city already has many public parks and a green area that needs to be maintained and properly designed to enhance beauty. From simply planting the spring plants to set up a whole big fountain, this job has many options.

It all depends on which services you can offer efficiently. You can start from residential projects and move to the public sector when fully established.

Graphic Design

If you have the expertise in this field with just a little advertisement, you can earn great profit. It can be efficiently operated, staying at home. Every other thing needs some design to make it look appealing. From book covers to company logos, you have a great choice to focus on. The better your services, the better your clientele.

Grocery Store

Whether buying into a franchise or opening a niche grocery store, owning your own grocery business can be a path to profits in the Sunshine State. Know your area and the industry, though. Depending on the type of store, profit margins can be as little as 1% for a conventional supermarket, and up to around 10 – 12% for a smaller, more specialized grocer.

Be prepared for extensive permitting, plus investing potentially half a million to start a small or medium-sized store.

Advertising and promotion

With a lot of big and small businesses in Indonesia competing for the market, a business centered on advertising and marketing would be quite profitable in the state. If you are good with putting up promotional materials that can draw people to the products you are marketing, then maybe you should set up an advertising service.

Software school

If you are familiar with the use of specialized software, you can build a business around teaching people how to use everyday software like Photoshop, QuickBooks etc. You can start by giving private lessons where you charge hourly, then you can grow it into a small group session and charge for complete tutorials. You can always hire other specialists and diversify.

More great businesses to start in Indonesia

The industries above are great food for thought, but other business opportunities abound in Indonesia too, such as:

Tourist/Visitors Guide

Indonesia has more than ten thousand visitors a year, this is a huge number if you know your way in and out of the city, and you can undertake this good startup business idea in Bali with high-profit returns. You must be a very friendly person to undertake this viable business idea and you may start it as it is one of the best part-time businesses in Center Indonesia (if you are starting alone) but if it an enterprise, you may start full time at once.

Export Business

Indonesia especially Miami has a very large port from which goods can be shipped efficiently to any part of the world, so even if you are into agriculture, or arts or food processing, and you understand the technicalities involved, you can undertake this creative small business opportunity.

Restaurant / Food truck

Eating food is inevitable by any person alive and because most people have tight schedule and most of them are tourist, they don’t have time to cook and they must eat, so they would pay to get good food to eat if you have a good cooking skill, why not try running a “mobile food vendor enterprise” a name I coined.


Indonesia business-friendly climate means that the Sunshine State is home to one of the highest levels of small business ownership in the country. Whether it’s one of the businesses above or the one you’ve been dreaming about, the best business to start in Indonesia is yours to decide.

Bali Property & Real Estate

Tips on Getting Started with the Bali Real Estate Market

Bali, known as one of the greatest tourist destinations in the world, is held very highly when it comes to its real estate value. Even during the pandemic as well as Indonesia’s PPKM that was enacted in January 2021 to prevent an even more widespread of the virus, the market of Bali Real Estate is still often considered to be one of the best.

Due to this, it’s not uncommon for many people such as yourself to be interested in Bali real estate market considering its potential massive potential as the Island of the Gods. Though, it’s also common for you to feel intimidated stepping foot into this still unknown territory in your life.

But, there’s no need to worry about such things with our tips on getting started with Bali property market.

Choose the location you love

When it comes to property, especially Bali real estate, the most important thing before choosing a location is to determine whether you love it or not.

Bali is a gorgeous place overall, and its real estate do offers tons and tons of location to choose from, but, choosing one that you love will resonate with other foreigners and potential guests in the area, resulting in even more returns on your Bali property investment.

Don’t choose a place that’s faraway from the sea

One of Bali’s most prominent attractions for foreigners and tourists are its beach and surfing activities. As such, when you’re thinking on investing in Bali real estate, choose a place that’s close to the beach because visitors often won’t compromise when it comes to beach distance.

A good location to start looking into is Seminyak due to its strategic location on being near the sea, as well as its reputation on one that’s generally safe to invest to even for beginners, though that comes with the cost of it being more expensive.

Choose one with an agent that’s properly recognized

Considering its potential to grow in the future, there are a lot of sharks and charlatans in the Bali real estate market that’s ready to rip you off because you’re just starting out in this business.

So, before buying or building any villas, make sure to know that your agent is one that’s known and recognized in the market because investing in Bali property market through some shady or sketchy ways can lead to some unpleasant situations for yourself.

Understand the country’s property laws

Before you start even thinking of investing in Bali real estate, do your homework regarding Indonesia’s property laws first.

There are a lot of things that have changed at the time of writing this article, and due to the limitation of said media, it’s impossible to list out the things you need to keep an eye on for these laws.

So, make sure you understand what you’re going to do first before making any decision. That being said, a good agent will often fill this information in for you, but knowing beforehand can still be handy nonetheless to avoid any frauds or schemes being done to you.

Don’t put all your eggs in one basket

While investing in a generally more popular area such as Seminyak, Canggu, Jimbaran and Uluwatu often considered to be good business practice, especially for people that are just starting out, it’s also important to point out to not invest everything you have into one location when it comes to Bali real estate market.

Indonesia, in its nature, is still a developing country, so there are always potentials to be discovered in places that was thought profitless for people. Always keep an eye out on the market and try to snatch the hidden jewel before anyone else.

Know the risk

If you’re thinking of Bali real estate, chances are you’re thinking to make profit off of it. With profit, there’ll always be risks involved in them, and Bali real estate is no different. Considering that it is a tourist destination, things such as the pandemic that’s going on right now can put a damper on your business.

So, before you start to actually invest, make sure to do your homework and understand the risks that are inherent with the real estate market, especially on a location as popular as Bali.

However, if the reason you’re looking on to Bali real estate is because you’re only looking for a place to settle for your family or your own retirement, then just choose a location that you liked the most.

Look to professionals

If by any chances you are still confused or have question about Bali real estate, especially for things that involves villas hunt, then perhaps it’s time to ask a professional yourself.

A good proponent for this would be Satya Puri Studio Consultant, being already in the Bali real estate market for over four years already, Satya Puri Studio has already made a name for themselves when it comes to advices on helping investors look for villas to rent, buy, or sell.

And besides Satya Puri Studio, there are of course many others professionals in the market that you can trust, so again, if you’re confused, just ask the professionals.

A professional’s help is also a good way to prevent yourself from getting blindsided with the business too as they can help fill you in on what information you’re missing in these lines of work.

And with that, ends this article on the Bali real estate market. It’s though doing real estate business on a place like Bali with the pandemic going on, but it will end eventually, and the Island of the Gods, is definitely a good place to start your real estate investment journey when the time is finally right.


So, we hope that you found this article useful, and if you do, make sure to share it with your friends who might find it useful for them too.

That’s all for us for now, thank you for reading this article up to this point, we hope you liked it, and we’ll see you again next time with another article that’s just as informative and useful. Goodbye and stay safe!

Business Ideas in Canggu 2021

7 Best Business Ideas to Start in Canggu

If you are attracted to the Indonesia and want to invest, We recommend these best business ideas to start in Canggu. Although in Canggu, the competition is enormous, there is a market for everyone. Ideally, your business proposal is attractive and innovative.

To start, consider these facts about entrepreneurship in Canggu in 2021.

Many agree that Canggu is a magical city. And, apparently, it is true, because all the tourists who visit it, want to stay. I tell you that this is due to its beauty, its beaches, its skyscrapers, its shops, its nightlife … It is a cosmopolitan city that attracts young and old. We present to you … Canggu is located in the southeast of Bali, in the Indonesia.

8 Best Business Ideas and Opportunities to Start in Canggu

Luckily, the business infrastructure in the Indonesia makes any type of business possible … Of course, you must comply with the payment of the corresponding taxes, per day.
And have a spark of creativity and originality. Why? Well, because in Canggu there are so many people and with such varied tastes, that even the slightest change can bear fruit. We assure. However, we going to introduce you to the most successful profitable businesses in Canggu in recent years. You choose the path that suits you best.

1. The Real Estate Sector

The real estate industry is one of the profitable businesses in Canggu, which has the most movement. Buying, selling, renting and building seem to be the foundations of this city that never sleeps. For this reason, Canggu has a lot of supply and demand of all kinds.

2. Tourism

Canggu’s tropical climate is ideal for all kinds of tourism businesses to flourish. From the calmest and most conventional, to the most extreme and exciting. You can also include businesses related to entertainment, such as clubs or bars. However, since they are more expensive, I recommend creating a supply company for these companies.

3. Gastronomy

A good entrepreneur knows that the food business is one of the most stable. Regardless of where you are. The options can be diverse and in fact, the more varied and exotic, the better . This way you will have fewer competitors.

4. Franchises

If you don’t have time to create a business completely from scratch, you can partner to open one of the most successful franchises.

A little advice, instead of investing in traditional franchises, try to do it in small and innovative ones.

5. Beauty and Aesthetic Centers: The Seal of Bali

It is no secret to anyone that Canggu is synonymous with beauty, models and parties.

6. Health and Healthy Life

Canggu is one of the cities with the most in-demand physical training, cosmetic surgery and beauty businesses. That is why any type of business in this area is very profitable (as long as you are certified and comply with all the sanitary and legal requirements established in this country).

7. Clothing and Accessories

Following the logic of beauty and healthy living, the fashion business is also very profitable. Many fashion designers have made their way in Canggu.

What else can I do to make my business a success?

Lean on your local resources. Bali SCORE is a great starting place that has local chapters throughout the state. SCORE volunteers consist of business experts who provide business counseling services to companies in need in the form of workshops and one-on-one sessions.

IndSight — aims to bring you inspiration from leading respected experts. However, before making any business decision, you should consult a professional who can advise you based on your individual situation.



Business Ideas in Canggu 2021

5 Small Business Investment Opportunities in Canggu – Bali

Canggu, Bali is a bustling city with a lot of business opportunities. That is because there are a lot of people, especially tourists, in the area. We all know that getting a business is a way for you to earn a lot of money and it also has the ability to grow, should you become a successful entrepreneur.

That being said, if you’re in Canggu and you’re planning to open up your own, you will want to read this article.

5 small business ideas that you can start in Canggu.

1. Mobile Phone/ Smartphone Repair Shop

One cannot argue that mobile phones have become a necessity in the modern world. We pretty much do anything we want using a smartphone- from booking a flight to reserving a seat in your favorite restaurant.

Since we use smartphones often, there will come a time where it needs to be repaired. That is probably due to some breakage like the screen cracking, the battery is draining at a much faster rate, or it caught a malware and is in need of a technical remedy.

Because of that, having a smartphone repair shop is a great business opportunity. Like I’ve said before, there are plenty of people in Canggu and not a lot of them have opened such a shop. So, why not start at that?

2. Manufacturing Business.

The business of manufacturing is a very lucrative one, but it can be quite expensive. If you do have the capital to put one up, then I highly suggest that you do. For instance, there is only few Organic manufacturing business in Canggu as of the time of writing which means that if you delve into that, you can make plenty of money and you only have small competition. Again, this venture is quite appealing since there are plenty of things that will require manufacturing.

3. Food Trucks

If you have a passion for cooking certain foods/meals, then why not invest on a food truck? Now, you might be thinking, “why invest on a food truck instead of establishing your own restaurant?” Well, there are plenty of reasons why Food Trucks are much more favorable for you than a typical restaurant.

The first reason is mobility. Food trucks have the ability to be moved to a favorable location. Second, FTs require a smaller capital than a restaurant and you can design it to your liking.

Third, there are already plenty of restaurants in the city and it can prove to be challenging if you still go for a restaurant instead of a food truck. So, opt for the trucks instead. If you love cooking and making a profit out of it, this is a pretty good idea.

4. Digital Marketing Center

Although there are plenty of businesses in Canggu, some of them do not know how to market their services. This is where a digital marketing agency is another great idea for your venture when you’re in the city.

Thriving businesses know how important marketing can be, especially since you would want a lot of people to know what you’re offering. Now, creating a digital marketing agency can be quite costly. You must first look at your finances and see if you have enough capital.

Supposing that you do not have enough, there are plenty of ways to get more such as using personal loans online, an SBA loan, just to name a few.

5. Consulting Agency

Do you have Esoteric knowledge in, say, health, fitness and Business? If so, why not create your own consulting agency? Plenty of people would want expert advice on a number of things, most especially when it comes to health and fitness. Of course, you are not limited to those niches as there are plenty of consulting services you can offer.


Canggu is a great city when it comes to business because there are plenty of people and there are a lot of events as well. If you want to create your own venture in the city, the above ideas should be great!

Online Business Ideas Bali

4 Proven Online Businesses in 2021 (That You Can Start Today)

You might have often given a thought about starting the online business and make easy money by relaxing at home, beach or hills on vacations. But the thought of the investment might have eve resisted you to start your own business or make money.

In these articles, we’ll show you online businesses that are proven to work, and have been for some time. Remote working is nothing new. It’s going up.

A growing number of people across the world work from home and prefer remote work to traditional employment because it’s:

  • Highly flexible
  • Has fast-moving prospects
  • Can turn into an online business (without lots of training)
  • A Happier, Healthier Work Life

1. Blogging

early morning tea and blogging on a laptop

There are a number of perks of blogging. It is easy to start, but It would definitely take time to set up. You need to be patient and dedicated if you are considering the successful blog. Starting the blog doesn’t merely mean writing things.

  • Use your personality and knowledge
  • Spark healthy debates or inform a target audience

Tips for Blogging:

  • You need to create a quality content for your audience
  • The images should be properly used, and the content should be updated from time to time
  • Get ideas from your audience
  • Build your email list
  • Focus on building an amazing call-to-action

If you have updated the content well and have used the proper images in your blog, the chances for ranking up in the Google search engine further increases.

If you are planning to start the blog of your own, the first thing you would need to do is to choose the right niche for you. Choose the niche of your interest and the niche that interests your audience.

The blog can be about the technology or business tips, education or any information that is trending.  Also, for the blogging, it is important to learn about the SEO to monetize your blog well.

2. Web Design

website development layout sketch drawing

Nowadays, the first impression of a company is largely based on its website’s aesthetics. And as a skilled web designer, you have the opportunity to build visually appealing websites that will give visitors great first impressions.

While some designers earn more than six figures/year, the average wage is around 100 million rupiah per year. Either design for others, or start your own company where you choose which clients you want to work with, set attractive rates, and create a personalized work schedule.

If the latter seems challenging, for now, consider the following tips: Branding Yourself Before Branding Others (How to Get Web Design Clients)

  • Build your skills enough to create an eye-catching, professional portfolio
  • Include in it only your best projects to increase your chances
  • Send out cold emails to those you think might need a new website
  • Instead of just offering them your services, show them what you’re willing to do to help them succeed
  • Don’t charge too much at the beginning, but up your hourly rate a bit every two or three months
  • If you are a great web designer, design and code templates and consider selling them online
  • Create a blog, post articles, publish open-source projects, and make a name for yourself
  • Finally, as you start getting contracts, make sure to pick your clients wisely. Feel free to let go of those you have a bad feeling about. It isn’t worth your time or effort

Tips for Web Designer:

  • To create appealing websites, use a powerful tool web design tool and have a list of helpful resources that you’re planning to utilize
  • Keep it Simple
  • Guide your user’s eyes with visual hierarchy

3. Web Development

indonesian man sitting in front of computer

Make a sure secondary source of income by learning web development. All businesses are going digital, and almost every business needs a website these days. There’s a high demand for people like you.

If you don’t know how to build a website from scratch but want to learn web development, there are several online lessons you can take. Start up in less than a month — more into this later.

Start up in less than a month — more into this later.

Here’s how web development can help you succeed

  • Skip higher education: get paid for your skills
  • 9 out of 10 employers are looking for you right now
  • Self-start: access to plenty of free resources online
  • You will also probably never be jobless

Tips for Web Development:

  • Contribute to Open-Source Projects
  • Teach Others What You Know
  • Challenge Yourself With a New Skill

No previous IT knowledge or coding practice? Worry not. Here is where you can catch up and learn web development skills:

4. Managing Social Media

social media and content sharing

And last but not least, if you value your time and flexibility, managing a social media business could be a viable option for you.

The duties of a social media manager include:

  • Planning, scheduling, and posting content across media channels.
  • Analyzing, tracking, and recording campaign performances
  • Finding trends

You’ll also work with other brands and influencers to drive leads and improve business visibility.

Remember, in order to nail social media management, you must know your target client. Perhaps you focus on design companies, travel bloggers, or media spas. Regardless of what you choose, consider learning every little detail about your niche demographic.

Also, learn how to craft an effective posting schedule, build a portfolio, and grow your client base.

FAQ: Starting an Online Business

What Are the Most Profitable Proven Online Business Models?

In no particular order: Training, blogging, digital consultancy and selling digital products have so far been the most profitable Bali online business ideas in 2021.

What Online Business Can I Start With No Money?

Online businesses that don’t require any investment include freelance writing, social media management, web designing, graphic designing, SEO consultancy, online retailing, and virtual assisting. Notwithstanding the costs of special training and courses.

How Do I Pay Taxes When Working From Home?

If you’re having trouble understanding your tax obligations, we recommend contacting the best accounting service. The best team of expert accountants and business advisor in Bali will handle everything and save you time. It’s not free, but you’ll avoid getting in trouble with the law and additional trouble down the road.


Before you start an online business, understand what works best for you, what meets your strengths and interests. Start an online business with no money. Or make an investment, by learning new skills. Whatever you choose, we hope that this comprehensive guide of the best online business ideas Bali has to offer will help you get started effectively.