Supports 3 Regions in Bali to Become Covid-19 Free Tourist Areas

Minister of Health Supports 3 Regions in Bali to Become Covid-19 Free Tourist Areas

Health Minister Budi Gunadi Sadikin is ready to support Bali to become the Covid-19 green zone. This step is important to revive the Bali tourism industry in the international world.

“This is an example of world tourist destinations. So people who come feel safe, are not afraid of anything because they are disciplined in maintaining health,” Budi said in a press statement, Monday (15/3).

He said that to convince the world that Bali is a safe and healthy tourist area, emphasized the importance of collaboration with various international agencies. Of course, this effort must be supported by the implementation of strict health protocols.

He emphasized that to create a Covid-19 Free Green Zone, the selected areas must be 100% safe and healthy. There are three areas proposed for the Covid-19-free green zone, namely Ubud in Gianyar Regency, the Nusa Dua Indonesia Tourism Development Corporation (ITDC) Area in Badung Regency and Sanur in Denpasar City.

Budi encouraged the vaccination of the 3 areas to be carried out as soon as possible so that economic recovery could also be accelerated.

“I agree that all vaccines are injected in the two areas. If possible, we can start the first injection immediately. I wish March could have started,” he explained.

In addition to vaccination, the Ministry of Health emphasizes that community movements and transportation in and out of the area are always monitored. Then the implementation of 3T was carried out massively according to WHO standards and the provision of infrastructure such as good hospitals and PCR labs.

“There must be a PCR Lab around the Ubud tourist area to be efficient, if possible, there are more than 500 specimens per day. And it shouldn’t take long, it can take no later than 24 hours to complete. Therefore, it requires excellent infrastructure to ensure that all areas are safe and clean, “he said.

To realize this zone, Budi emphasized the importance of cross-sectoral collaboration, including involving the private sector.

“Because with the neat collaboration between the government and the private sector. The hope is not only to create healthy tourism in Bali but also to be sophisticated,” he said.

Bali Governor I Wayan Koster said that there were 3 areas that had been proposed to become the COVID-19 Free Green Zone, namely Ubud in Gianyar Regency, the Indonesia Tourism Development Corporation (ITDC) Nusa Dua Area in Badung Regency and Sanur in Denpasar City.

The determination of the three areas as green zones is stipulated in Circular (SE) Number 6 of 2021 concerning Extension of Village / Village Based PPKM.

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As a first step, to ensure that the two areas are 100% safe, a mass COVID-19 vaccination will be carried out for people who live or have activities in the area. The person in charge is left to the mayor / regent of their respective regions.

Based on data from the Bali Provincial Health Office, overall vaccinations will be given to 151,603 thousand people. With two injections, around 303,206 thousand doses of the COVID-19 vaccine were needed.

“The population that will be given the vaccine in the 3 zones are residents who live in the zone area, workers who come from the zone area, and workers from outside the zone area.” Said I Wayan.

Apart from vaccination data, other preparations that have been made by the regional government are issuing provisions for implementing health protocols covering mobility of people, transportation, and health infrastructure. This rule must be enforced for areas implementing the COVID-19 Free Green Zone. Other aspects such as Human Resources for Health, logistics and facilities and infrastructure have also been prepared.

“So all people who are going to do activities there (in the green zone) must follow this provision, but if they just pass it is allowed,” he added.

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