Seven points of the provision in the Marketing Team

Table of Contents

Marketing in a business is an essential field that aims to introduce, show, and influence people to buy or use our products, services, or goods. No wonder companies always budget fantastic research costs to attract and attract potential buyers’ attention to become users of the products we offer.

 In her Twitter account @CardozaGab, Gabriela Cardoza tweeted on May 17, 2021, informed that there are 7 C’s about the marketing team. What are the points?

1. Collaboration

Cooperation is a process of participation of several people to get a lot of inspiration and experience from every interaction. Collaborating can inspire you and your team to think about something new.

2. Communication

The process of conveying something to others provides information that affects influencing thinking, changing attitudes, and even changing people’s behavior to do certain things. Communication is a crucial trait in the team to convey the information needed, so it is not uncommon to misunderstand due to lack of communication. So take care of your communication with your team!

3. Consistency

Do something steadily, regularly, continuously. For example, wanting to build healthy habits starting from getting up early, exercising, to having breakfast with healthy nutrition needs to be constantly done to get sustainable health.

4. Coaching

According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, coaching is giving instructions, guidance, or intensive training. Coaching is about providing instructions in a team and being responsible for education, advice, and training to teammates to achieve the goals.

5. Commitment

In some instances, the form of binding obligations is related to contracts or promises made in achieving a goal. Commitment is challenging to do if you are not a person who can hold responsibilities professionally. Only great people can maintain their duty until their plan to achieve. Are you one of them?

6. Care

Attitudes are base on a sense of sensitivity to situations that occur depending on the conditions. The level of care among team members is very influential on team performance because the nature and attitude of each person are different. So we need to understand that by increasing personal communication with them to get the right chemistry in the team. Not infrequently, many teams that have completed their responsibilities end up becoming brothers because they care about each other and their partners.

7. Connection

The seventh point is no less meaningful, namely connection. Connection in the Big Indonesian Dictionary (KBBI) means a relationship that can facilitate all matters.  Connections are precious to us as individuals and as a group team company. Then expand your network to get the best link to solve your problems and problems with the team.

That’s it about seven marketing team supplies that must have to own as a basis for achieving common goals. Without it, it would be impossible to realize, even if only for a while.