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Professional Bali agency offering honest, bespoke, multi-channel digital marketing services to a range of small and large private and public companies.

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Website Design Bali

Web Development

Your website is your window to the world and needs to look sharp and perform perfectly to attract customers and increase conversions. Our team considers the most important elements of a high-ranking website and structures yours accordingly, with your goals and objectives at the forefront.


Our innovative SEO experts not only help you outrank your competitors and drive sales that offer the ultimate return on investment, but we’ll also strengthen your website, improve your conversion rates and build authority and trust among customers.


Crafting a bespoke design experience for customers, 


Maintain and support your Digital Asset across all platforms.

What Makes Us Different?

As a multifaceted digital design agency, we produce beautifully crafted creative solutions that transcend business goals and garner recognition.

We keep your ideas safe

It’s our responsibility to foster trust. Your Intellectual Property rights are fully protected and the code is yours.

100% confidance

Our values are constant and our processes are transparent – you will always know what we are working on, and why.

We deliver on-time

We remain dedicated to a high standard of competence and share timely updates on the progress of our work with you.

Digital Strategy

Before we define any approach, we need to define the brands’ overall goal. We then need to dive in and provide a full analysis of content, search engine keywords, competitor analysis, proper channels to engage in, and outline the proper plan to achieve these goals.

Brand-first Approach

The core of all of our solutions is approached from a brand-first methodology. We believe first impressions are everything and you have one chance to get their attention.

Our customers are in constant stimulus and if we aren’t able to engage them with a visually stunning, innovative and smart, yet simple experience, they will move on to the next big thing.

Development Solutions

We don’t believe in the cookie-cutter approach to any of our solutions. We always deliver solutions that are custom engineered around our client’s needs, business processes, and simplify their digital workflows.

Integrated Digital Marketing

Our approach to delivering digital multi-channel solutions stems from an understanding of what digital optimal channels will most deliver on your return on investment.

Total transparency

We pride ourselves on being totally transparent with our clients on all aspects of campaign performance and account management. You’ll always know how things are going, what the plan is, and when the next check in meeting is.

Flexible, collaborative relationships

We will never tie you into an uncomfortably long agreement that doesn’t feel right to you. Our priority is to foster positive client relationships that are beneficial or all parties.


HOW Bali is a full service digital marketing agency that provides multi channel services, from SEO, Web Design to Web Development. We analyse the behaviours and preferences of your target audiences before recommending the right channels and approaches for your campaigns. Whether you’re looking to stand out on social media, gain additional organic traffic with SEO or retarget your website visitors with compelling display advertising, our digital marketing experts can help.

HOW Bali is a Bali-based digital marketing agency in the heart of Jimbaran. Within a few minutes’ of Jimbaran Beach, we’re easy to access and happy to meet you in person (restrictions allowing!) or work remotely on your campaign.

HOW Bali offers a free initial digital marketing consultation to all prospective clients. During this 2 hour session we discuss your needs, objectives, requirements and budget, carefully assessing which approach will be right for you and help you to achieve your ambitions. You’ll be sent a questionnaire to complete and given the free, expert advice you need to make an informed decision about whether we’re the right digital agency for you.

HOW Bali was founded by award-winning entrepreneurs who had grown frustrated with the lack of available digital marketing services for fast-growth companies. We exist to help you grow faster, and our proven techniques are pioneering, disruptive and incredibly effective. We take the time to get to the root of your growth problems, identify what’s holding you back from achieving your ambitions, and directly address any issues that could hamper the performance of your campaigns.

HOW Bali is a collective of digital marketing experts with vast experience across a wide range of sectors. Because our skill set and expertise is diverse, we are able to provide ROI-beating digital marketing services that span a wide range of sectors, including:

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