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Sandiaga Uno hopes to attract digital nomads to Bali on a long-term visa

Tourism and Creative Economy Minister Sandiaga Uno hopes to attract digital nomads from around the world with a new long-term visa that will allow foreign tourists to stay in Bali, Indonesia for up to five years.

Sandiaga has previously pushed for innovative approaches in the tourism industry to survive the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, including attracting digital nomads. Earlier this year, the official invited people across the country to work and learn from Bali, and said he was working to introduce policies to further support such a program.

He said digital nomads might consider Bali a destination if Indonesia started offering long-term visas.

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“This is a prerequisite so that more digital nomads from around the world will see Bali as their second home, and more people will work from home,” Sandiaga said, emphasizing the growing trend of digital nomadism around the world.

“We see the digital nomad [and] staycation trend. If working from Bali and not too far from the coast, this is attractive, especially with the good weather, beautiful culture, and friendly people. ”

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With plans to restart foreign tourism, Sandiaga said these programs must be realized simultaneously to help revitalize the province’s hit tourism industry.

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