Profitable Business in Bali

The Most Profitable Business in Bali  – Top 15 Ideas 2023

If you’re wondering what business is the most profitable in Bali, then you’ve come to the right place. Below we present the 15 most profitable businesses that provide an opportunity for big profits in this beautiful region.

The most profitable branch of the economy in Bali is tourism. Over 100 million tourists visit Bali every year.

Agriculture is the second largest sector of the Bali’s economy. Bali’s agriculture-friendly climate offers a long growing season. Thanks to this, the production of various types of fruit, vegetables and animals pays off.

Bali’s third largest economy sector is international trade, which is so developed here thanks to many seaports.

The fourth largest sector of Bali’s economy is aerospace and manufacture and the fifth is life sciences sector. When starting new business in Bali, be sure to properly advertise your services on social media and on the Internet.

List of the Ideas for the Most Profitable Business in Bali

Many consumers and clients in Bali search for the things they need online, so to maximize your profits, your business should be clearly visible on the web.

1. Healthy organic food, restaurant, cafeteria or shop

Healthy dieting and organic food are becoming more and more popular. Most likely, this trend will strengthen in the coming years, so it’s worth investing in healthy, green businesses such as organic food restaurants.

2. Technological assistance for seniors

Older people often have problems using the latest technologies. Offer them help with TV operation, connecting a new internet, updating the system on a computer, configuration email, etc.

3. Jewelry

The production and trade of jewelry made of precious metals and stones is a profitable business, especially if you find a suitable niche in this area. High quality of jewelry and good advertising are the basis in this business.

4. Cyber security company

Nowadays, all serious companies, as well as many private individuals, need cyber security services.  Cybersecurity and IT services are one of the best areas for the most profitable business in Bali.

5. Child-oriented business

The business sector related to children has great potential and there is a lot of space for companies with creative and innovative ideas. Parents are willing to pay a lot if you provide good care or ambitious use of children’s time so that they learn and develop in a pleasant way.

6. Property rental

Property rental is a very profitable business in Bali. Especially if you have property near the beach, or near tourist attractions.

7. Landscaping and gardening

Many Bali residents have gardens. These gardens usually need landscaping, professional gardening and care.

8. Personal trainer

Personal Trainer You can opt to be a personal trainer at your local gym. You don’t have to have the equipment. Just rent a space in your local gym, and you’re good to go. Posting your training regimens online means that you can sell them as e-books and get more members to join.

9. Yoga instructor

With the continuous buzz about the benefits of Yoga, you may consider starting teaching yoga and meditation classes in your local community. Just rent out some space and market through flyers and social media.

10. Tattoo artist

You may consider opening a tattoo parlor where you can crank up your creative juices and draw amazing tattoos. You may also consider renting out a space in your local tattoo parlor.

11. Travel consultant

If you are a travel enthusiast, you may make money through writing blogs or conducting You Tube Videos about your travels. You may also market places or destinations that you tour, earning extra cash.

12. Event planning

Having been planning successful birthday parties for your kids, you may decide to venture out and try a more large-scale outlook. Go ahead and plan weddings, birthday parties, and cocktail events for your friends and family. At a fee of course. Some animal-related services you could provide are:

13. Financial advisor

How about using your financial literacy and offer consultations?  You may extend your services to businesses and individuals about managing their finances in the right way.

14. Management consultant

This consultancy business involves offering advice to your customers on how to effectively run their operations. Create a good portfolio that you can use to pitch to your potential clients.

15. Lawyer

Lawyer services are always in demand. If you are a licensed lawyer, why don’t you do some freelance work and help solve your client’s case? You may also set up your own business practice firm.


In summary, we can see that there are plenty of new business ideas for you to use to start a business in Bali

Not surprisingly, most of these home business ideas are internet-related; and even for businesses that are not online, you still can use the internet to market yourself and reach a wider customer base.

Not started your home business yet? Insure your home with us and add business use when you get going!

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Facts About Bali

5 Fascinating Facts That Will Make You Want to Visit Bali

Bali is one of the provinces in Indonesia whose name is already well known to foreign countries. Bali is also known as the island of the Gods because of its magnificence and rich culture.

There is always a reason to return to Bali. Maybe because of that, many foreign and domestic tourists visit Bali every day. If you often visit Bali, you will know that there are many amazing things in Bali.

Well, the following five things can add to your admiration. Curious right? Let’s take a peek together!

Bali Mandara Toll Road

Bali Tolls

The Bali Mandara toll road connects Benoa, Ngurah Rai Tuban, and Nusa Dua, stretching 12.7 kilometers above sea level. This toll road is the first toll road on the island of Bali, as well as the first floating toll road in Indonesia.

Bali Mandara Toll Road is unique toll road because it has lanes for motorbikes on the left and right sides. This toll road construction began in March 2012, and they completed the toll around May 2013.

Garuda Wisnu Kencana

GWK Icon Bali

The Garuda Wisnu Kencana (GWK) statue, located on Ungasan hill, South Kuta, Badung Regency, the architect is famous sculptor Nyoman Nuarta and inaugurated by the President Indonesia, Joko Widodo in September 2018.

GWK is the second tallest statue in the world-beating Liberty and the tallest in Indonesia. The construction of this statue took 28 years. Very impressive, yes?

Penglipuran Village

Facts About Penglipuran Village Bali

When you hear the word village, what comes to your mind is a natural place with a calm and beautiful atmosphere. Well, you can find all of that in Penglipuran village. The village with ​​112 hectares consists of 12 hectares of a residential area, 49 hectares of fields, and 37 hectares of bamboo forest.

This village is one of Indonesia’s most beautiful villages and become the cleanest village globally.

Penglipuran village comes from the acronym spelling and pura, which means remembering sacred places (ancestors). Initially, the people of this village came from Bayung Gede Village, Kintamani, who moved to Kubu Bayung village, which is now Penglipuran village.

Well, in this village, they finally settled and kept their culture.

Readers Choice Award (RCA)

The island of Bali is an island that is famous in foreign, so it is not surprising that this island has won so many awards. One of Bali’s awards is the best island in the 2017 version of the DestinAsian Readers Choice Awards, and the cool thing is that Bali has won this award for 12 years in a row.

The popular magazine Travel and Leisure also named Bali the best tourist destination island in 2017. And Bali took second place as the best tourist island in the 2018 World’s Best Awards Survey.

Luxury Hotels in Bali

About Bali

In 2018, two luxury hotels in Bali were listed in 24 luxury hotels in the world, according to Trip Advisor’s version.

The two hotels are Mandapa, a Ritz-Carlton Reserve located in Ubud, and Komaneka at Tanggayuda, located in Ubud. These two hotels are rank on 15th and 16th, an incredible feat, right?

Bali is not only recognize for its beauty by Indonesians but also recognized by people all over the world.

Business Ideas Indonesia 2022

The Best Businesses to Start in Indonesia

With a large population, work force, and infrastructure, Indonesia can be a fertile ground for new businesses and emerging industries. Indonesia business owners also say that extensive banking and investment capital resources aid in attracting and maintaining funding. Indonesia is good for business, but what business could you start in Indonesia? Here are 11 business ideas for you to consider.

Fitness/recreation business

Exercise has long been found to be the bedrock of healthy living, and almost everyone wants to boast of having visited the gym at least once or twice in a week. With this trend, opening a fitness center would surely pay you, and considering the population of Indonesia, you may likely make a success out of your business if you have the right marketing strategies.


Retailing is not a novel business idea, but it is still thriving as far as the economy is still viable. If you have good marketing skills, you can choose a niche and start your retailing business. You can approach manufacturers and offer them your services. If you build trust with them, you could be given goods on credit for you to pay later.

SEO for local businesses

You can start this business just by building an “SEO Agency” optimized website that generates leads for businesses. As long as people are using their laptops or smartphones to find their next solar company, landscape architect, locksmith, real estate agent, etc., this business will thrive.

Accountant or Bookkeeper

Taxes are a certainty of life as far as the Indonesia is concerned. People and businesses will almost certainly need help with bookkeeping and tax filing. If you have the necessary training and certifications, offering your services as an accountant can be a great idea for you.

Real Estate Agent

Another great idea is to become a real estate agent. You can earn impressive percentages from people who need to buy their own homes, people who need holiday apartments and residents of the city who need to rent good apartments

Wholesale and distribution

Similar to retail, you can start a business where you become wholesale distributor for companies. Note that this business may be a bit capital intensive, but you can also start it on your own capacity and expand it as you go along.

Landscape Architecture

This idea has the potential for extensive growth and innovation. The city already has many public parks and a green area that needs to be maintained and properly designed to enhance beauty. From simply planting the spring plants to set up a whole big fountain, this job has many options.

It all depends on which services you can offer efficiently. You can start from residential projects and move to the public sector when fully established.

Graphic Design

If you have the expertise in this field with just a little advertisement, you can earn great profit. It can be efficiently operated, staying at home. Every other thing needs some design to make it look appealing. From book covers to company logos, you have a great choice to focus on. The better your services, the better your clientele.

Grocery Store

Whether buying into a franchise or opening a niche grocery store, owning your own grocery business can be a path to profits in the Sunshine State. Know your area and the industry, though. Depending on the type of store, profit margins can be as little as 1% for a conventional supermarket, and up to around 10 – 12% for a smaller, more specialized grocer.

Be prepared for extensive permitting, plus investing potentially half a million to start a small or medium-sized store.

Advertising and promotion

With a lot of big and small businesses in Indonesia competing for the market, a business centered on advertising and marketing would be quite profitable in the state. If you are good with putting up promotional materials that can draw people to the products you are marketing, then maybe you should set up an advertising service.

Software school

If you are familiar with the use of specialized software, you can build a business around teaching people how to use everyday software like Photoshop, QuickBooks etc. You can start by giving private lessons where you charge hourly, then you can grow it into a small group session and charge for complete tutorials. You can always hire other specialists and diversify.

More great businesses to start in Indonesia

The industries above are great food for thought, but other business opportunities abound in Indonesia too, such as:

Tourist/Visitors Guide

Indonesia has more than ten thousand visitors a year, this is a huge number if you know your way in and out of the city, and you can undertake this good startup business idea in Bali with high-profit returns. You must be a very friendly person to undertake this viable business idea and you may start it as it is one of the best part-time businesses in Center Indonesia (if you are starting alone) but if it an enterprise, you may start full time at once.

Export Business

Indonesia especially Miami has a very large port from which goods can be shipped efficiently to any part of the world, so even if you are into agriculture, or arts or food processing, and you understand the technicalities involved, you can undertake this creative small business opportunity.

Restaurant / Food truck

Eating food is inevitable by any person alive and because most people have tight schedule and most of them are tourist, they don’t have time to cook and they must eat, so they would pay to get good food to eat if you have a good cooking skill, why not try running a “mobile food vendor enterprise” a name I coined.


Indonesia business-friendly climate means that the Sunshine State is home to one of the highest levels of small business ownership in the country. Whether it’s one of the businesses above or the one you’ve been dreaming about, the best business to start in Indonesia is yours to decide.

Bali Property & Real Estate

Tips on Getting Started with the Bali Real Estate Market

Bali, known as one of the greatest tourist destinations in the world, is held very highly when it comes to its real estate value. Even during the pandemic as well as Indonesia’s PPKM that was enacted in January 2021 to prevent an even more widespread of the virus, the market of Bali Real Estate is still often considered to be one of the best.

Due to this, it’s not uncommon for many people such as yourself to be interested in Bali real estate market considering its potential massive potential as the Island of the Gods. Though, it’s also common for you to feel intimidated stepping foot into this still unknown territory in your life.

But, there’s no need to worry about such things with our tips on getting started with Bali property market.

Choose the location you love

When it comes to property, especially Bali real estate, the most important thing before choosing a location is to determine whether you love it or not.

Bali is a gorgeous place overall, and its real estate do offers tons and tons of location to choose from, but, choosing one that you love will resonate with other foreigners and potential guests in the area, resulting in even more returns on your Bali property investment.

Don’t choose a place that’s faraway from the sea

One of Bali’s most prominent attractions for foreigners and tourists are its beach and surfing activities. As such, when you’re thinking on investing in Bali real estate, choose a place that’s close to the beach because visitors often won’t compromise when it comes to beach distance.

A good location to start looking into is Seminyak due to its strategic location on being near the sea, as well as its reputation on one that’s generally safe to invest to even for beginners, though that comes with the cost of it being more expensive.

Choose one with an agent that’s properly recognized

Considering its potential to grow in the future, there are a lot of sharks and charlatans in the Bali real estate market that’s ready to rip you off because you’re just starting out in this business.

So, before buying or building any villas, make sure to know that your agent is one that’s known and recognized in the market because investing in Bali property market through some shady or sketchy ways can lead to some unpleasant situations for yourself.

Understand the country’s property laws

Before you start even thinking of investing in Bali real estate, do your homework regarding Indonesia’s property laws first.

There are a lot of things that have changed at the time of writing this article, and due to the limitation of said media, it’s impossible to list out the things you need to keep an eye on for these laws.

So, make sure you understand what you’re going to do first before making any decision. That being said, a good agent will often fill this information in for you, but knowing beforehand can still be handy nonetheless to avoid any frauds or schemes being done to you.

Don’t put all your eggs in one basket

While investing in a generally more popular area such as Seminyak, Canggu, Jimbaran and Uluwatu often considered to be good business practice, especially for people that are just starting out, it’s also important to point out to not invest everything you have into one location when it comes to Bali real estate market.

Indonesia, in its nature, is still a developing country, so there are always potentials to be discovered in places that was thought profitless for people. Always keep an eye out on the market and try to snatch the hidden jewel before anyone else.

Know the risk

If you’re thinking of Bali real estate, chances are you’re thinking to make profit off of it. With profit, there’ll always be risks involved in them, and Bali real estate is no different. Considering that it is a tourist destination, things such as the pandemic that’s going on right now can put a damper on your business.

So, before you start to actually invest, make sure to do your homework and understand the risks that are inherent with the real estate market, especially on a location as popular as Bali.

However, if the reason you’re looking on to Bali real estate is because you’re only looking for a place to settle for your family or your own retirement, then just choose a location that you liked the most.

Look to professionals

If by any chances you are still confused or have question about Bali real estate, especially for things that involves villas hunt, then perhaps it’s time to ask a professional yourself.

A good proponent for this would be Satya Puri Studio Consultant, being already in the Bali real estate market for over four years already, Satya Puri Studio has already made a name for themselves when it comes to advices on helping investors look for villas to rent, buy, or sell.

And besides Satya Puri Studio, there are of course many others professionals in the market that you can trust, so again, if you’re confused, just ask the professionals.

A professional’s help is also a good way to prevent yourself from getting blindsided with the business too as they can help fill you in on what information you’re missing in these lines of work.

And with that, ends this article on the Bali real estate market. It’s though doing real estate business on a place like Bali with the pandemic going on, but it will end eventually, and the Island of the Gods, is definitely a good place to start your real estate investment journey when the time is finally right.


So, we hope that you found this article useful, and if you do, make sure to share it with your friends who might find it useful for them too.

That’s all for us for now, thank you for reading this article up to this point, we hope you liked it, and we’ll see you again next time with another article that’s just as informative and useful. Goodbye and stay safe!

Where to invest in your 20’s?

Young adults are usually between 20 and 30 years old. If you are that old, then you are obliged to start learning about what investment is. The more you study and find out, the more investment that many people talk about is money. However, at that age, you don’t have to invest your money. There are many ways to support before you become an adult to don’t regret it later.

Reporting from the @strategy business tweet on Twitter on March 1, 2021, they quoted advice from Warren Buffet in the form of an image with the caption of a recommendation from a legendary investor to young people. He suggested investing in 5 things. What to do?

Invest in yourself

The point of the first piece of advice is to invest in yourself. How do you take care of your body by exercising, taking care of yourself, and taking care of your health? Because a lot of people in their old age regretted their actions when they were young with unhealthy lifestyles such as consuming excess alcohol, junk food, or free sex.

Invest in knowledge

The second piece of advice has meaning to learn more, whatever it is—starting from learning in homework to repair a leaky roof, repairing water faucets, cooking, even gardening. This very useful because you can solve problems around you without asking professional experts to solve minor issues. There may also be those who previously could not create a web because he wanted to invest himself because he understood that the skills he learned could bring him a livelihood in the future.

Invest in mentors

Learning without a teacher is very difficult; sometimes, what we know looks difficult, or even we can misuse knowledge because we do not have a mentor who functions as a coach. Mentors are beneficial so that the knowledge we learn can be maximally absorbed, and we know better which attitude to take or not.

Invest in Experience

There is a saying that the most valuable lesson is experience. Experience is gain when we do something, but something goes wrong that even makes us feel down. Experience is an effective teacher for every individual who wants to succeed in achieving the desired goal. So, don’t let the experience make you sad and unmotivated. Instead, it will be used as a learning tool to not fall into the same hole.

Yuk cek berapa gaji profesi di seluruh dunia hanya di:

Invest in books

Books are valuable items for those who can use them. Starting from a book, a human can change the position of an area to be high, and from books can also find out how a system works until finally, we can conquer a resistance. Books are also a weapon for those who create and experiment to produce something that can change civilization.


These five pieces of advice are very influential for young people who want to improve your life goals, sharpen your analysis, and become an influential person for many people one day. So, will you be the next Warren Buffet?

Best Places for Digital Nomads in Bali

Living as a digital nomad can be pretty thrilling and exciting. But, it is really important to know where you can work on your dream job.

So, before you hire one of the moving companies Indonesia, you should make sure that is the right city for you.

What makes a Bali great place for digital nomads? How can you find the best places for digital nomads in Bali? Read on to find out.

What is a digital nomad?

The term “digital nomad” may seem abstract and cliché for some, but by 2035 approximately 1 billion people will travel the planet. More and more people are becoming unhappy with the standard 9-5 job model.

In the modern digital era, old norms and structures of labor disappear, and opportunities for remote work increase.

While location independence sounds glamorous, nomadic life is hard work.

Selfies on a beach with a laptop can make a few friends jealous, but they definitely don’t reflect the impractical and difficult aspects of nomadic life.

Sounds easy, right? You can simply roll to any city, connect your device, and you will get instant nomadic success. Do not make this mistake!

So what makes great places for digital nomads in Bali?

There is no definite answer to this question, since at present the digital nomad may cover a million different jobs.

You-Tubers, Instagrammers, and Bloggers are the more “classic” digital nomad jobs that usually come to mind. However, you can meet graphic designers, authors, online teachers, virtual assistants, voice trainers, Vloggers, translators, and so on. Regardless of your profession, choosing a place is very important.

An adventurous YouTuber in a dull, gray city will fight for the material. And the online teacher, broadcasting from a cocktail bar on an exotic beach, will be unprofessional. Besides, since digital nomads are often lonely, it can be important to find a good place for singles in Bali.

You don’t want to spend all that money by yourself, right?

Although different digital professions have different needs, we believe that there are 3 key features that are necessary for everyone.

1. Internet

Without it, you are a driver without a car, a jockey without a horse, a dancer without music.

Is there anything more unpleasant than creating gold material that you are willing to share with the world, but Wi-Fi will not connect?

Or maybe you have an approaching deadline, and you have found a connection, but the download speed is minimal.

2. Cost-effective

This is not super important if you make big money, but most digital nomads do not.

If you do not have a few expensive products that mean money is no longer a problem, you will definitely want to explore the cost of living. And even if you have bags of cash, it does not always last long.

Technologies are developing very fast, algorithms are changing and can harm online business overnight. Your job is never 100% certain, so you always want to keep track of your expenses.

3. Inspiring

Digital nomadic can be a lonely business. Much of your time is spent on your laptop, so you need it to be as inspirational as possible.

You can’t do magic if your creative juices are all dry. For some, this means a crazy nightlife, for others – in the open air or vibrant culture. Everyone has different creative triggers, but we guarantee that in darker, less successful times, you wonder why you are doing this.

You wonder if the nomadic digital lifestyle is for you. But if you are surrounded by a truly inspiring background, it will certainly help you stay strong.

Why Bali?

For many digital nomads, the relatively low cost of living in the Indonesian would be an instant connect; In Bali, there is a thriving digital scene of nomads, and it wholeheartedly perceives the digital age!

When it comes to planning to move to Bali as a digital nomad, there is something to think about.

What regency do you want to live in? What work will you do? Attracting more than 75 million visitors every year, when the laptop is closed, you can explore the richness of nature, culture, and history.

With wide open roads for travel between various places for digital nomads in Bali, motor rental is the recommended way to travel to see the best of what Bali has to offer, including more distant hidden gems in the City. One thing you don’t need to worry about is finding a rental property.

Finding Indonesia movers prices is easy, but it’s finding the best places for digital nomads in Bali can be slightly more difficult. Or at least you might think so. In the hot spots for the digital nomads in Bali, there are always many available rental apartments. In fact, on the island of Gods, there is a phenomenal array of apartments to choose from. Although at first glance this is a difficult task, there are many tips that will help you find the perfect apartment suitable for your digital lifestyle of nomads.

Where are the best places for digital nomads in Bali?

Considering all the factors, we came up with a list of the best places for digital nomads in Bali. If you are thinking about hiring professional movers Bali and relocating to the Island of Gods, you should consider one of these places:

  1. Canggu
  2. Munggu
  3. Seminyak
  4. Kerobokan
  5. Jimbaran