President Jokowi is serious about reopening the Bali border, Indonesia’s Event Industry Ready to Help Recovery

Denpasar,Howbali (from Bali inews) .The Indonesian Event Industry Council (IVENDO) DPD Bali welcomes President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) ‘s statement that Bali tourism may open in July 2021 provided that the Covid-19 growth rate is increasingly controlled. Business actors are ready to help restore tourism in Bali.

Chairman of DPD IVENDO Bali Grace Jeanie said President Jokowi’s statement provided fresh air for all tourism industry players in Bali, including those who organized activities or events to continue to improve and close ranks. Moreover, currently the government’s attention is so great to immediately restore tourism to the Island of the Gods by taking various tactical steps, among others, through the expansion of the vaccination program, tightening the implementation of health programs, and large industrial stimulus assistance.

“This great work is not solely the responsibility of the government, but must be able to involve community participation to make it happen. This is what encourages us to continue to echo the spirit of engage, collaborate, accelerate,” said Grace Jeanie in Bali, Thursday (18/3/2021).

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Grace said, to accelerate the realization, her party made several contributions. One of them, there must be the application of prokes that are not just storefronts that touch all sectors and levels of society in Bali as well as a strong control system. In order to accelerate, currently it is not enough just outreach, but massive and continuous training, especially in the tourism industry.

Border reopen preparations can be started beforehand by conducting simulations such as inviting foreign media and representatives of foreign countries to Bali and conducting intense publications and promotions to show Bali’s readiness. To drive the MSME sector, IVENDO also proposes to use MSME products as souvenir products for activities, both activities held by the ministry, institutions and BUMN.

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