For the sake of economic recovery, Minister of Villages for Disadvantaged Areas and Transmigration (Mendes PDTT) Supports Works from Bali

Minister of Villages for Disadvantaged Areas and Transmigration (Mendes PDTT) Abdul Halim Iskandar supports the Work From Bali (WFB) program for national economic recovery.

The reason Gus the Minister, as he is fondly called, supports this program because Bali is an icon of Indonesian tourism that has been recognized by the world so that economic recovery must be oriented towards tourism.

“The form of support from the Village Ministry will do the same by opening all tourist villages on the island of Bali as a foundation for economic recovery,” said Doctor Honoris Causa from UNY.

Gus Minister said Bali’s tourism sector must be revived in stages.

On that basis, the Ministry of PDTT supports the WFB program launched by the government to open up the entire tourism sector in Bali which will later be used while they work.

“To revive the economic activity in tourism, we fully support the government’s program to implement the Work From Bali scheme for economic recovery in this area,” said the former chairman of the East Java DPRD.

Gus the Minister noted that if the reopening of tourist villages had to be selective, he had the selection team to ascertain which villages could be opened considering the pandemic situation.

“If tourism on the island of the Gods Bali is widely opened, then what must be paid attention to Covid-19 must be really selected and in the village must also be part of it because we are talking about Bali,” he said.

Previously, Gus the Minister said that the PDTT Ministry of Health was focusing on the management of BUMDes because this was the key to economic recovery at the village level.

This is proven and not just a theory because villages that continue to innovate in the management of BUMDes have succeeded in bringing down Beneficiary Families (KPM) of assistance sourced from the Village Fund.

If later 74,961 these villages move together in national economic recovery, even though at the village level, their contribution will be tremendous for the recovery of the national economy.

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