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6 Jobs You can do as a Foreigner in Bali

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Bali is one of the destinations dreamed of by many young people from all over the world. Finding a job on this Indonesian island is not easy, but not impossible, in fact, there are many expats who have settled temporarily, or permanently in this place.

If you also want to live and work in Bali, here we tell you 6 jobs that you can do as a foreigner in Bali. A dream vacation destination for many, a paradise for surfing or lounging. Beaches, cultural, diversity, art, temples…

Bali can be one of the most beautiful islands on earth. It is also one of the best destinations for digital nomads who want to settle in Bali for a while.

And you, do you want to live and work in Bali for a season? Now, not all the colors of roses and obstacles may arise in terms of work permits, it is true that the bureaucratic laws of Indonesia can be the great inconvenience for Westerners, in addition to culture shock and others, however, all this is not an impediment to settle for a season on this island.

Jobs you can do as an expat in Bali

1. Digital Nomad 💻

As we have mentioned above, Bali is one of the best destinations for digital nomads. Entrepreneurs of the new era, bloggers, designers, programmers, coach … in general, anyone who can work through the internet and generate income without having to go to a specific place. Here you have a lot of options to work remotely from Bali.

You can look for work as a freelance, here you have a lot of options, or create your own blog and generate income with an SEO course like this one. If you don’t know where to start, you may need to discover your talent first.

2. Diving Instructor

If you have a PADI or SSI certificate, you can work at one of the dive centers in Bali. There are many scattered throughout the island, some of them, taken and directed to certain audiences, for example Spanish. So the language will not be a problem in this case.

Working as a diving instructor is an option to enjoy an eternal vacation. Of course, it is not a job that usually has a very high salary. However, you don’t need much to live on this island.

3. Yoga Instructor🧘

Yoga retreats in Bali, you can also take classes in dozens of centers, hotels, and others. If you have training and want to try working as a Yoga teacher in Bali, it is an option to consider.

In addition to contacting centers and others, you must be attentive to the job offers that are coming out.

Ubud is the ideal place to start, a spiritual and healthy lifestyle destination, there is even an annual festival dedicated to yoga in this place. Let’s say it is a destination for yogis from all over the world.

4. Musicians and Dj 🎧

A destination that people from all over the world flock to, it has also partly become a nighttime destination. This opens the doors for DJs and musicians from all over the world to find a place in the Balinese scene.

From the nightclubs to the fashionable venues of Kuta, the party capital of the island, to hostels, hotels and more.

5. Language Teacher 👨‍🏫

A good option when working in Bali as an expat is to offer language classes. The English language is the most studied in the schools of Bali, however, you can always make your way with other languages, you never know the demand of who wants to learn a language.

Schools, kindergartens, academies, universities even in the same hostels, there are different possibilities to offer language classes. You can also try teaching online. With a computer and a good connection, you will have become a digital nomad teacher.

6. Work in a Hotel 🏩 

The island is full of hotels of all kinds. From hostels where you can work in exchange for accommodation and food (while working in a hostel you can do work from home to get an extra), to large international hotel chains that, although most of their staff are local, also have expatriates in their template, especially to cover certain charges.

You just have to investigate which hotels are present on the island and contact them to open the way to your future job in Bali. On this website you can find a lot of job offers in Bali.



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