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Bali Tourism Opened Mid Year, Sandiaga Gaspol 3 Million Vaccinations

Denpasar – Towards the reopening of the Bali tourism sector targeted by President Joko Widodo in mid-2021, the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy (Kemenparekraf) is finalizing the adoption of new habitual adaptations.
The adaptation of this new habit was revealed by Menparekraf Sandiaga Uno, including COVID-19 vaccination for the community, especially parekraf business actors in Bali.

Together with the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Indonesia, his party is targeting as many as 3 million people to be vaccinated before Bali tourism opens in June-July 2021. In the initial phase, the distribution of COVID-19 vaccination will be focused on three locations designated as green zones, namely Nusa Dua, Sanur and Ubud.

Furthermore, the covid-19 vaccination will be distributed in a number of tourist areas, including tourist villages in stages.

“Hopefully, in accordance with our preparations for June and July, we will ensure that destinations that have been designated as green zones, namely Nusa Dua, Sanur and Ubud will be boosted, the number of people who will be vaccinated,” said Sandiaga Uno in launching the Telusur application at Surya Kafe Benoa, South Kuta, Badung Regency, Bali on Sunday (21/3/2021).

Pursuing this target, the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Indonesia said that it would send 300,000 doses of vaccine to Bali by the end of March 2021.

He believes that this step can achieve the target of COVID-19 vaccination in Bali, especially since the number of vaccinators has now increased through the assistance provided by the TNI-Polri and the medical faculty.

“We are quite sure that our efforts to boost vaccination and pursue targets before Bali is opened to tourists can be achieved,” he added.

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Along with comprehensive vaccinations, Sandiaga Uno also emphasized the importance of adapting new habits before tourism in Bali is reopened to the public.

One of them is the application of Qrisk for all transactions, both business actors and tourists visiting Bali.

Therefore, he hopes that there will be full support from the banking sector in the application of this technology, so that all transactions in Bali in the future refer to strict and disciplined health protocols.

“This Qrisk is part of the adaptation of strict and disciplined health protocols, namely touchless, cashless and contactless. So this is what we hope for,” said Sandiaga Uno.

“With Qrisk increasingly distributed massively, not only do we increase the capacity of MSMEs and business actors here, but we also comply with post-pandemic health protocols, so that we can reduce the number of COVID-19 transmission to a controlled number,” he explained.

He admits that the application of Qrisk has perfected the travel corridor concept which he is currently working on with a number of related ministries and institutions.

“This also helps us in the travel corridor that in the midst of this COVID-19 we are showing more mature readiness. So this is what we will ensure on every line, from 3M, to 3T, vaccination as well as the adaptation of new habits, namely the use of payments. through Qrisk, “he concluded.

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Earlier a few days ago, President Joko Widodo gave a signal for the full opening of the Bali tourism sector in June or July 2021. However, this policy is not without conditions. The government emphasizes that the full opening of Bali tourism can only be done if the COVID-19 rate is controlled and health protocols are strictly adhered to by actors throughout the community.”

India yesterday two days ago also jumped (the Covid-19 figure). It’s not easy. But if everyone supports it, be careful. June-July is only recently (fully opened),” said Jokowi while talking with tourism actors in Bali, Tuesday. (16/3/2021).

President Joko Widodo gave a number of conditions if Bali was to be fully opened to tourists, both domestic and foreign.

“Health protocols are strictly implemented so that the rate of COVID-19 can be reduced in Bali, if it is seen that the spread of COVID has decreased and then disappeared, with the stages which will be designed from the district / city and central government, we will start one by one opening in the economy. especially tourism to return to normal, “he said

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