65 Percent of Additional COVID-19 Cases are in These 4 Areas

DENPASAR, HOWBALI.COM – Additional cases of COVID-19 reported by Bali on Tuesday (4/5) reached 150 people. It consists of 126 local transmissions and 24 domestic travelers (PPDN).

The cumulative cases handled reached 45,154 people. From the data from the Bali COVID-19 Handling Task Force, it can be seen that local transmission still dominates with 42,084 people. Followed by PPDN of 2,716 people and foreign travelers (PPLN) of 354 people.

The distribution of new cases is in all districts / cities. Nearly 65 percent of the total cases today or as many as 96 cases are in 4 regions. Namely Denpasar 31 people, Buleleng 24 people, Badung 21 people, and Gianyar 20 people.

Meanwhile, five districts reported dozens to under 5 cases. The details are Tabanan 12 people, Bangli 9 people, Klungkung and Jembrana both increase 5 people, and Karangasem 1 person.

On this day also reported 15 residents of other districts and 7 foreigners who were confirmed COVID-19.

124 patients recovered, bringing the cumulative to 42,546 people. Five districts / cities that contributed to additional recovery patients were Denpasar with 34 people, Badung 22 people, Tabanan 12 people, Buleleng 11 people, and Gianyar 9 people.

Four other districts recorded patients recovered under 10 people. Namely Bangli 9 people, Karangasem 5 people, Klungkung 3 people, and Jembrana 2 people.

In addition, as many as 12 residents of other districts and 5 foreigners who were also declared cured.

The death toll today reached 9 people. The distribution is in 4 districts / cities. The two biggest contributors are Denpasar and Buleleng, each of which recorded an additional 3 residents who died. Meanwhile, Karangasem reported that 2 additional residents died and 1 person in Tabanan.

Active cases increased by 17 people. The number of patients being treated has now reached 1,238 people.

The top five with the most active cases are Denpasar with 360 people, Badung with 199 people, Buleleng with 192 people, Tabanan with 103 people, and Karangasem with 97 people. The sixth to ninth positions are Gianyar 88 people, Bangli 84 people, Klungkung 34 people, and Jembrana 14 people.

It was also noted that 50 residents of other districts and 17 foreigners were still undergoing treatment.

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