5 Prohibitions That Should Not be Done in Bali

You need to know several things, such as what restrictions or restrictions need to be considered when you are on vacation on the island of Bali so that things that you should not do or inappropriate things can be avoided from happening so that your vacation will be calmer And comfortable.

This prohibition or restriction applies to all people, not only immigrants or tourists on vacation to Bali, including residents.

larangan saat berlibur di Bali

1. When Cuntaka or Sebel

Prohibitions or things that are not allowed , when menstruating  to visit the holy place of the temple and prohibitions for those who are cuntaka, such as a dead family. For those who are cuntaka (resentful) are prohibited from entering the temple area, bad things can happen if it is violated.

2. Silent Day

If it is Nyepi and holidays on the island of Bali, then there are several restrictions on Nyepi Day, not leaving the house, lights, doing activities or making noise if it is violated will be subject to customary sanctions whose sanctions are adjusted of the Pakraman traditional village concerned. The special treatment is certainly different during an emergency.

3. Dress to The Temple

Prohibition of dressing disrespectfully to temples, many temples in Bali are used as tourist objects. Many foreigners outside of Hindus who come to visit, for every visitor to a holy place must wear kamben (cloth) and a scarf tied around the waist. If that is not done, you may not enter or reprimanded by the officers or residents.

4. Talking and Attitude in Holy Places

Holidays and tours with an agenda to the temple sanctuary, then refrain from speaking harshly, having bad ethics in the holy place, such as climbing into a pelinggih (sacred building), let alone making trouble, or other disgraceful deeds should not be done, because if it is violated the regulations, it will have bad consequences and find bad things for your life.

5. Stepping on the offerings (Prayer Object)

While on vacation on the island of Bali, also pay attention when you are travelling, because of the prohibition of deliberately stepping on Hindu offerings such as canang offerings, which are mostly done on the side of the road or the sidewalk such as in front of stalls, shops or houses. If you accidentally stepped on it is fine, but it would be better to say sorry to the person there or at least apologize in your heart.



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