4 of The Most Sacred Places in Bali That You Want to Visit

Perhaps the following haunted places in Bali can be used as a reference for a challenging destination and different from your usual travel stories.

When travelling to Bali, usually people visit tourist destinations such as beaches and historical places with beautiful landscapes, then for those of you who are guided by anti-mainstream principles

These are 4 sacred places in Bali


1. PI Bedugul

Woaah via http://www.pinterest.comThis place is a hotel that is reportedly built by Tommy Suharto. It has been 15 years since construction; this hotel has been discontinued. Reportedly because of the 2002 Bali bombing.

In fact, this stage of development is already 80%, because there are toilets, beds, and areas with an elegant concept. Unfortunately, this hotel is just abandoned, until people call it a ‘ghost palace’.

2. The Sakah Baby Statue

patung bayi sakah di Bali (Foto/The Bali Bible)

The following Baby Sakah statue is touted as the next haunted place in Bali. This place is in Gianyar, to be precise at the intersection of Jalan Sakah. Based on the experience of the local community, this baby statue is heard always crying when night falls, especially when the night is the full moon.

3. Trunyan Village Cemetery

ByMariska Tracy

Apart from tourism, Bali is also known as the Ngaben traditional ceremony or commonly known as cremation for the deceased. However, it is different from Trunyan Village, East Bali.

The bodies of the dead here are not cremated or buried, but only placed in a bamboo ‘cage’ around the Trunyan tree. Even though the corpse will rot, it will not smell bad, because the aroma is covered with the fragrance of this Trunyan tree.

4. Garden Festival Bali

BY: Balibible

The Festival Park, which is located in Sanur, is abandoned because it was not completed and has been abandoned since 16 years ago.

If you visited this place, just saw the building from the front, you must have shuddered with horror. Besides looking haunted, this place is also used to keep crocodiles. Many crocodiles are vicious and like to eat each other or cannibals.

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